Thank you for visiting our site. Through this site we hope that you will have a better understanding of what Down syndrome is, and the many activities and programs that are available. "The mission of Down by the Border is to enhance the quality of life and provide support to persons with Down syndrome and their families through promotion of public awareness, advocacy and information sharing with a distinct goal in mind to help individuals with Down syndrome fulfull their dreams and life aspirations."

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Maybe your child was just diagnosed with Down syndrome or you know a child who is affected by it. Or maybe you're pregnant and you've heard about prenatal testing for Down syndrome. Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic disorders. Down syndrome is not caused by actions of the parents. Down syndrome occurs when there is an error in cell division resulting in 47 chromosomes rather than the normal 46. Why this error in cell division occurs is a mystery. People refer to Down syndrome as Trisomy 21, because of the extra chromosome. Down syndrome occurs equally in boys and girls, ethnic groups, and economic classes.

Older women have greater odds of having a baby with Down Syndrome, however an estimated 75% of Down syndrome babies are born to mothers under 35. Don't be scared by the words Down syndrome. You can either make the diagnosis your life or you can help your child live his or her life.

God created everyone in his eyes and made each of us special in his own way.

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