Down By The Border is a 501(c) non-profit organization which advocates for individuals with special needs in the local, state and federal levels.  We feel strongly about their civil and human rights as we offer many opportunities that all individuals enjoy in their every day lives.  We mirror the values of advocates across the country whom want what all Americans enjoy every day, Inclusion, Acceptance and Equality.

The mission of Down by the Border is to enhance the quality of life and provide support to persons with any disability and their families through promotion of public awareness, advocacy and information sharing with a distinct goal in mind to help individuals with Disabilities fulfill their dreams and life aspirations.

We provide a basket with information pertaining to Down syndrome for parents as well as several presents for the newborn. This project is an opportunity to inform parents about what Down syndrome truly is, and let parents know they are not alone in their community.

The Picnic fosters parental and familial support in an interactive enviroment which is also opened to the entire community.

This is a community effort that blends BISD, The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation, UTB and Valley Baptist Medical Center. This October festival was created to teach all children, including our special-needs children, to play and work together. A soft message is sent to the children and their parents to make them aware of children with disabilities, and why they are not so different from themselves.

Our organization is constantly networking with city, county and state leaders to ensure that any and all projects are inclusive of our special children. This current session our State Representative, Eddie Lucio III, took a bold stance on behalf of children with disabilities and authored a bill that addressed a huge problem which had forever existed. The medical insurance of working parents has never covered the many needed therapies of special needs children; many of these children go without.This bill, which Representative Lucio III named Zariah's Bill, will provide a Medicaid Buy-in program for these hard working parents, and will cover the medical needs of their special children.

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